HH Type-2

Eliza Hill

The MECO HH Type-2 is a fully custom, air-purged
mechanical shaft seal.

AH Type 2

Autumn Lane

The MECO AH Type-2 model is a compact and versatile gas-purged, double-face seal.

OFS-Type 2

Autumn Lane

The OFS Type-2 model is designed for food process equipment that requires rapid cleaning and drying between batches. The fully-split OFS Type-2 is ideal for ribbon and paddle blenders mixing dry powders at low to moderate speeds and temperatures.


Autumn Lane

The MECO OFS Type-1 seal is a fully-split, single-face seal for top-entry agitators and horizontal shafts processing both dry and liquid materials at temperatures to 450 degrees F and low pressures to partial vacuums.

HB Seal

Autumn Lane

The MECO HB seal model is a double-face, air-purged shaft seal for screw conveyors and bucket elevators.