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    MECO Case Studies

    Current news and information on MECO technology at work

    When our industrial clients turn to us with uniquely challenging seal applications, we welcome the opportunity to apply what we know, to innovate, and to arrive at custom solutions that work. Our case studies highlight some of our most compelling projects, and shed light on the MECO Seal process.

    Specifying Seals and Bearings for Mechanical Conveyors
    This article outlines how seals work and discusses application examples of seals and beari...
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    Seals for food and beverage manufacturing
    Rotating shaft sealing specifications for batch blenders and cookers in the food and bever...
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    Shaft Seals Protect Quality, Predict Maintenance Issues
    Facilities are constantly tasked with improving productivity and equipment reliability lev...
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    Screw Conveyor Builds
    Screw conveyors are the workhorses of most process industries, and downtime can be crippli...
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    Need A Shaft Seal?
    Designing a mechanical shaft seal to meet the specific needs of your machinery and process...
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    Cost Savings In Process Environments
    Mechanical seals are more than 100 years old, originating in 1905 when they were used in r...
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    How to Plan for a Successful Project
    There are often misconceptions surrounding the availability of contacting, polymeric rotar...
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    Shaft Seals Stop Hexane Loss
    A soybean oil extraction plant in Alabama reports a marked reduction in hexane loss after ...
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    Shaft Seals Rescue Blender
    When your blender seals cause between $500-600 worth of product per day to end up in the m...
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    MECO Custom Shaft Seals Solve Mixer Leakage Problem
    W.F. Taylor Co. Inc. (“Taylor Adhesives”) of Dalton, Georgia manufactures state-of-the...
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    Custom designed mixer shaft seal eliminates waste and hazards
    Custom designed mixer shaft seal eliminates waste and hazards .To produce its soy ingredie...
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    Replace a seal, save a $1 million dollar project
    Replace a seal, save a $1 million dollar project PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Replace a seal, sa...
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