HH Type-2

Eliza Hill

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HH Type-2

Simply Effective Sealing

The MECO HH Type-2 is a fully custom, air-purged
mechanical shaft seal. It can be quickly adjusted without
disassembling the seal assembly by tightening the HH
Type-2’s simple adjusting clamp. Unlike standard stuffing
box seals, the HH Type-2 is non-abrasive to the machine’s
shaft and can accommodate shaft runout. The HH Type-2
is available fully split for efficient installation and

How It Works

At the heart of the HH Type-2, two rotating polymer seal faces (rotors) slide against staionary, stainless-steel seal faces (stators) to form a dynamic seal. The polymer rotors are frictionally locked into rotation with the machine’s shaft by an elastomer drive ring. The HH Type-2’s stainless steel adjusting clamp squeezes the elastomer ring against the shaft, causing it to lengthen axially against the rotating seal faces to provide effective and adjustable seal face loading.

The HH Type-2’s sliding seal faces are also pneumatically loaded by a compressed gas – typically air or inert gas – which also acts to clear the rotating seal faces of product and debris. In addition, the purge gas helps to isolate the process from the atmosphere.