About MECO Seals

A tradition of quality, performance, and innovation

We trace our origins to 1985, when Woodex Bearing Company partnered with the inventor of a mechanical screw conveyor seal with high run-out tolerance. Woodex began manufacturing his innovative H-style seal for Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) compliant industries. The cutting-edge seal featured a polymer-versus-stainless steel seal face and elastomer drive, and set new industry standards for screw conveyor seals.

The success of that partnership demonstrated the growing need for custom shaft seals, and spurred Woodex to establish the MECO Seal division.  Short for “Mechanical Concepts,” MECO is dedicated to engineering, manufacturing and supporting the highest-quality soft-face mechanical seals.


Today, MECO Seals, based in coastal Georgetown, Maine, is an employee-owned ESOP dedicated to custom seal manufacturing.

Through constant innovation and close collaboration with clients in chemical, plastics, battery, food manufacturing and other industries, MECO has grown to become a leading provider of custom seal solutions. In our unyielding commitment to high performance and customer satisfaction, we maintain in-house testing and rigorous quality control, and have earned our growing reputation as standard-setting manufacturers of high-quality, high-performance seals.