Often subject to strict health and safety regulations, food processing involves unique and specialized equipment standards. MECO routinely demonstrates the ability to design and engineer seals that meet or exceed those standards—in a diverse range of production environments.

Specialized seals for processing cheeses, milk and other dairy products.


Specialized seals for chocolate processing equipment to eliminate product leakage.

Dry food mixing

Specialized seals to reduce product waste for dry food conveying.

Wet food mixing

Specialized seals to prevent leaks in wet food mixing and cooking processes.


AH Type 2

The MECO AH Type-2 model is the best choice for fitting a split seal in limited space on small to large shaft diameters.

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OFS-Type 2

The patented MECO OFS Type-2 model is the best choice in many sealing applications for low to moderate speed equipment.

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The MECO OFS Type-1 seal is frequently the best, fully-split seal for vacuum, low pressure, and abrasive applications.

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