At MECO, we see your challenges as ours

And we take pride in our ability to arrive at solutions that are innovative, efficient, and effective. For more information on our capabilities, take a closer look at the industries we serve


MECO seals provide effective containment of dry food products, pastes and slurries on conveyors, mixers and other machinery.
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Pulp & Paper and Building Materials

Custom seals designed for durability, performance and easy maintenance in challenging environments
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Battery Production

Durable seals for mixers and dryers processing abrasive metal salts
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Marine Applications

MECO's Sea-Gard seals for rudder posts and other low-speed hull penetrations offer dependable sealing despite bearing wear
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Plastics, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Product and process-specific seals, each designed for optimal performance on your
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ATEX Certification

Select seals are available with an Atex declaration of conformity     
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