In 1985, a major conveyor manufacturer introduced Woodex Bearing Company to an inventor of a straightforward, robust mechanical screw conveyor seal with high run-out tolerance. Woodex contracted with the inventor to manufacture and market his H-style seal. The H-Style was sized for use on equipment following the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) standards. This seal was the original polymer versus stainless steel seal face combination with an elastomer drive. 


Successes in sealing screw conveyors led to more demanding applications and the need to create a new business entity that would be dedicated to engineering, designing, manufacturing and supporting the seals.


The words Mechanical-Concepts were combined to create MECO Seals. Through expanded manufacturing capabilities and our engineers developing innovative new approaches, MECO has grown and expanded.


Today, we are continually developing new designs to address the needs of the ever-changing processing environment. With a commitment to customer support, in-house testing and quality control, MECO continues to develop the most effective sealing products and positive customer relationships.